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Tan Lines Optional is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tanning experience and skin care products possible for today's tanner. We carry only the best indoor tanning bed lotions and skin care moisturizers that will leave you feeling refreshed re-energized and revitalized with a healthy tan. All of our product lines, and skin care products are entirely cruelty free towards animals.   Whether you are looking to start tanning or are an experienced tanner looking to achieve darker results, We carry a wide variety of products  for every tanners needs


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  1. Fit Body Wrap Benefits
  1. UV Tanning
    We offer an incredible five levels of tanning, allowing us to tailor a tanning program for any need. You’ll get just the right color, whether you’re a new tanner who needs to tan quickly for that upcoming wedding or vacation, or a regular tanner wanting to achieve your next level of tan. Choose from the top of the line High Pressure, Monster, 48-lamp stand-up, Lotus , Tropical s. Harmony High Pressure beds, with their super-low UVB output, will tan even the hardest-to-tan, without a hint of burning.
  2. Air Brush Tanning
    Enjoy the innovative and indulging experience of UV free Sunless Treatments. Tan Lines Optional proudly uses Mediterranean Tan. The worlds only VIOLET BASE SOLUTION™Mediterranean Tan™ violet base solutions™ achieve a better, deeper tan faster thanks to its new technology that contains a unique scientific process. That are blended in a scientifically different way to that of green base solutions™ and in fact differently to all other spray tan solutions. Violet base solutions™ prevent yellow /orange undertones in the developed tan and adapts to any skin type. When we require a darker,faster tan; a violet based solution™ will tend to deliver better results.
  3. Infrared Tanning
    Red-light therapy is a technology that was first developed by NASA and uses visible red light (as opposed to infrared) to help nourish and heal the skin. Red-light therapy has many medical uses, including treating eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns, wounds and pain management.

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